About Us

The Refugee Care Initiative is a nonprofit established in order to provide a rather unheard voice for refugees, help them assimilate in portions of the United States, and provide educational and career-based help.


Refugees are people who have left their country forcibly due to unfavorable conditions. According to the UN Refugee Agency there are currently 65.6 million people in the world that are forcibly displaced worldwide. Out of that selected demographic, 10 million people are declared “stateless”. To clearly understand the problem at hand, it is crucial for the public to understand what a refugee is. Due to the recent unfavorable political events, there has been an association present with refugees and those who harm the country. For this particular reason, many refugees not only struggle with cultural and health issues but also social problems because of the societal rejection they face constantly. These problems include and are not limited to: difficulty speaking and learning English, raising children and helping them succeed in school, securing work, securing housing, accessing services, and transportation.



Our Mission

Empower and sponsor refugees through the avenues of technology and funding platforms.

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